1. What are Amba Freedom Bonds (AFB)?

These are financial papers issued by the Bank of Ambazonia to the general public, meant to raise funds to prosecute the struggle for the restoration of the sovereignty of the Southern Cameroons - Ambazonia.


2. How do I buy the bonds (AFB)?

The can be bought directly from the website (http://ambabondholders.com/) or from country and County representatives.


3. How much is a bond?

The price of one AF bond is $1 or its equivalence when the purchase is out of the USA.


4. Is there any minimum or maximum quantities that must be bought?

The minimum quantity one is required to buy is 250 bonds. There is no maximum quantity. A person can buy as many as (s)he desires.


5. What Types of Bonds are available for Sale?

Different types of bonds types are available for sale, proceeds from sales will be fund different sectors of our independence quest. 

          - Defense Bonds

          - Diplomatic Bond

          - Humanitarian Bond


6. Will the Cost of Different Bonds be same?

   The cost and process of purchase of all these bonds are the same, the only difference is that funds will be used specifically for designated purposes.


7. What are the benefits of buying large numbers?

The benefits of buying many bonds include discount prices and better returns and recognition when the bonds mature when we reach Buea.


8. Can one buy bonds in installments?

Yes. One could buy in installments and interest starts counting from the date of purchase of first $250.


9. What is the interest rate on the bonds and how is it paid?

The interest rate is 20% per annum starting from the date of purchase. The interest accumulated over the years will be paid upon maturity of the bonds.


10. What is the guarantee of investing in the bonds?

The AFB is tied to the wealth of Ambazonia and its people. As such, once the restoration is attained, any government in place will ensure full payment of principal and accumulated interest. 


11. What happens if an investor dies before maturity?

All investors in AFB will indicate at least 2 next of kins in order of priority. Also, the contact details provided on the account opening form will help the government locate s next of kins at maturity of the bonds if the need arises.


12. Can someone invest in the bonds for his/her children?

Yes. But only persons above 17years will redeem them, otherwise their parents will still act on their behalf.


13. Is there any reward for referral?

For referrals discount prices will apply for bulk purchases.


14. Can the bonds be transferred to a third party?

No. They can't be transferred except to their next of kin, in which case all terms and conditions still apply.


15. What happens if an investor misplaces the bonds or if they are stolen?

All bonds are numbered and tied to the purchaser's name. In case of reported losses, they are replaced and the old ones destroyed. In addition, the bonds are electronically preserved.


16. Must one produce the bonds on the day of redemption?

No. The bonds are electronically recorded, only proper identification of the bondholder is very necessary for redemption.


17. Is bond holder's information opened to the public? 

No. Bond holder's information is treated confidentially and will never be made public except the law so demands. 


18. What risk does the bond holder runs?

The major risk that may pose is that of unforeseen inflation and a depreciation of the dollar.


19. How long before the Bonds Mature?

 Maturity dates range from 10 to 30 years


20. How do I know when Bonds will be put up for Sale?

Announcements will be made via website, Country/County reps and through media such as TV, Facebook etc